Sustainability, Scale, Providence, Preserve.

4 key elements that are central to any product we catch or supply. 

Awatoru (Three Rivers) is an Artisan Fishing and Wild Food supply company, a small family business based on the Kapiti Coast, supplying the Hospitality and Restaurant trade.

We produce and source wild, seasonal proteins, from fishing sustainably on our own small day boat to sourcing wild food from other small primary companies all over New Zealand. We pride ourselves in knowing everyone we deal with personally, closely learning their trade, and getting our hands dirty.

It’s important for us to have a close relationship with both chefs and providers and to meet the needs of both parties. We realise chefs would love to be out there themselves sourcing their own products but simply don’t have the time to do so, so we love to do it for them.

New Zealand’s unique Delicacies; You ask, we source them for you.

Logan Brown is proud to use Awatoru Fish and Crab. Scott is a passionate champion of Sustainable product and this is paramount to our business.
— Shaun Clouston, Logan Brown
It’s important to know where our food comes from and I couldn’t be happier having worked with Maaike and Scott over the last few years. They’re doing business the right way and have always supplied me with great product with a smile. They have direct hands on involvement in their business and you can trust that the product is 100% traceable and has been handled with care, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly.
— Maclean Fraser, Artisan Restaurant
I love working with Scott and Maaike from Awatoru, a local family business, that prides itself on quality and sustainable produce. With Awatoru we get all finer details down to when and where our product came from and how it was caught and treated. This is for us so important to providing our customers with the freshest ethically sourced produce available.
— Regnar Christensen, Ortega Fish Shack & Bar